Old Site - New Site - What's Up With That

WaterTribe is in transition from a site that was started back in 2000 and was in need of a major rewrite. Unfortunately that process has not been completed in time for these current events. We need to live with two sites for the duration of the Everglades Challenge, the Ultra Marathon, and the Ultimate Florida Challenge.

Almost all viewing of the events will be done in the "Old Site" which is the site you are on right now. The following features are available on this site:

  • Tracking Map - Shows the last known position of all challengers. Remember to select the race you are interested in viewing. And use the selections for Class and Challenger to get more detailed maps.
  • Challenge Videos - Videos will be uploaded to YouTube as they become available and listed in this page.
  • Rosters - This provides information on each challenger including their class, their boat, and starting comments.
  • Results - As the race develops results will be shown here in roughly real time.
  • Record Book - Shows a history of results and can be used to find who holds current records in all classes and divisions. Will any records be broken in these events? Time will tell.
  • Rogues Gallery - Rogues is an understatement. These guys and gals are a hard-core bunch of expert kayakers, canoists, and sailors who seek adventure that provides a physical, mental, and spiritual challenge. You will find thier photos in the Rogues Gallery.
  • Magazine - Articles about WaterTribe related subjects.

But we will be using the new site too:

  • Discussion - This button will take you to the new WaterTribe Forums where you will find ongoing discussions of the races and other topics. Scroll down a bit and you will find a list of the specific forums. One of those forms is Racer Logs.
  • Events - After the races start this button will take you to the events section of the new site where you will find all current information on events in case you are interested in some adventure of your own.

Once you are in the new site, take a look at the Blogs List and the other selections.