Note that only a few articles have been ported to the new magazine system.  All articles from the archives will be ported on a newest to oldest basis over the next several weeks. 

Since there will be many articles, three services have been provided to help you find what you are looking for: Choose a Topic, Filter by Author, Filter by Title.

  1. Choose a topic first.  The first topic in the list is "All Articles".  This will be a very long list, but you can use filtering to narrow it down.  Note that most articles will show up in more than one topic.  For example, a first person account of a WaterTribe Challenge may also show up as a story about class 1 kayaking.
  2. If you are looking for a particular author, enter the name or a portion of the name in the text box above the Author column.  Note that capitalization doesn't matter.  Also, you do not have to enter the full name.  The articles will be filtered based on matching whatever characters you enter against the Tribal Name and the Full Name of the Author.  For example, if I want to find articles by DevoMan, I could enter devo into the text box and then tab out.
  3. Titles can be searched similar to authors.  Just enter any text that might be in the title and tab out of the box.  Text does not have to be complete and capitalization doesn't matter.

Sorting is also provided for each of the columns (Author and Title).  Just click on the words Author or Title and the list will be sorted.  Click again and it is sorted the opposite direction.