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Classic 16 Big Ama

Classic Ama Shape, 16 feet long, 12 inch diameter, one or two air chambers, over 420 pounds of bouyancy, very tough fabric.

This design is intended to have an efficient ama shape along with maximum bouyancy for this length. Its main purpose is for larger homebuilt trimarans like the Gary Deirkling Tamanu and other designs. These amas can be used on Kruger designs, but the akas have to be raised up a bit from the standard Kruger catamaran tube positions. This requires special but easy mounting. Due to the high flotation the akas must be strong. We suggest at a minimum that aluminum 6061-T6 with an OD of 1.625 inches and a wall thickness of at least 0.125 inches be used with a total beam of 8.5 feet. Wider beams will require a larger tube.

The standard mounting D-rings are located at 48.75 inches from the rear and 143.25 inches from the rear. The center to center distance is 94.5 inches. This mounting location is based on the Tamanu and can easily be adapted to many boats. We also support custom mounting locations for a modest fee.

Yes, these amas seem expensive at first glance. But if you want to sail in big water the smaller amas can get overwhelmed. These amas are typically much less weight than amas made from wood or other materials Also, each ama can have two air chambers which adds a valuable element of security.

These amas are only available in Stealth Olive Drab.

Amas are not in stock. We build to order so allow 8 weeks before your amas will ship. If the delivery time will be longer than that, you will be notified.

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Price Per Ama:

Shipping: $40 for first ama plus $12 each additional ama.

Custom Mounting Per Ama:

Allow 8 Weeks Before Shipping.