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Thread: EC2011 Log Book at 3 Days 13 Hours 45 Min
CaptJackOtterTuesday, March 08, 2011, 8:45:00 PM
Category: Challenge  Keyword: EC2011
Date/Time:3/8/2035 12:00:00 AMCaptain: CaptJackOtter
Position Description:Outside islands offshore CP2 25.75182N,-81.37936W
Racer's Plans:Continue to CP3 tomorrow
Picture/Movie:No picture available.
Got on the water 0730 this morning in the company of lots of dolfins and osprey. Sailing has been good today, made much more pleasant than last year, more relaxed, thanks in part to getting some good sleep. Much more visually appealing today. After checking in at CP2,  Scott went back out to the open waters and stopped at a small island. The assumption is that he's bedded down for the night since he sent an OK signal and turned off his tracking. Tomorrow starts the next leg to Flamingo. 
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