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Thread: EC2011 Log Book at 2 Days 14 Hours 16 Min
CaptJackOtterMonday, March 07, 2011, 9:16:00 PM
Category: Challenge  Keyword: EC2011
Date/Time:3/7/2105 12:00:00 AMCaptain: CaptJackOtter
Position Description:Just before Marco 25.99056N,-81.7493W
Racer's Plans:Bunk down for the night, resume tomorrow for CP2
Picture/Movie:No picture available.
     Well, Scott has done his part to worry his ground crew. He decided to take the scenic route through rookery bay, navigating what seemed to us to be pretty narrow inside passages with unknown depth where exsanguination by mosquito bite would be a real possibility if the wind died. Nonetheless, he did make it back to the ocean after seeing bald eagles, osprey, porposes, and other neat wildlife. Unlike last year, he's going to get another good night sleep, which he will likely need as he will be fighting winds a bit more than today. More to come...
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