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Thread: EC2011 Log Book at 1 Day 14 Hours 56 Min
CaptJackOtterSunday, March 06, 2011, 9:56:00 PM
Category: Challenge  Keyword: EC2011
Date/Time:3/6/2150 12:00:00 AMCaptain: CaptJackOtter
Position Description:N26.4998,W-82.12274 Even with Fort Myers
Racer's Plans:Get sleep tonight, resume in AM to CP2
Picture/Movie:No picture available.

Found some water in the forward area, thought there might be a leak, but after drying it out and proceeding to current location, seems to be dry. Had a good wind today and was able to get some good speed. Scott's anchored off a small island near Fort Myer close to some other racers. Forecast is for favorable winds tomorrow, so it will be off early to CP2. Tired, but feeling good about progress.

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