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Thread: EC2010 Log Book at 3 Days 14 Hours 39 Min
FourFatherTuesday, March 09, 2010, 9:39:00 PM
Category: Challenge  Keyword: EC2010
Date/Time:3/9/2130 12:00:00 AMCaptain: FourFather

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Position Description:Home, Loving it in SRQ
Racer's Plans:train harder for next year
Picture/Movie:No picture available.
capsized on shoal off new pass on Monday 1:00am, very cold, swam 1/4mile to shore with boat in dark, did hypothermia drill.  Slept over till dawn, then awoke to racoons eaten lot of my food and my rudder was bent.  fixed rudder with coconuts, then caught up to sundancer and hammerstroke.  dinner with large group, group paddled to white horse for group camp, then stayed with hammerstroke and sundancer to chokoloskee.  ran out of time for business mtg/plane, so wife picked me up in chokoloskee.  made it home in time for 17y.o. son's birthday party tonight.  Will hope to return next year in tandem or with partner.  Enjoyed race, but would have been much happier with partner instead of solo/alone.
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