Details - Sleeping System

Your sleeping system is used in combination with your shelter system.  The two systems must provide an environment for effective sleep.

  • A self inflating pad or closed cell pad or air mattress is required.  The length must be a minimum of 3/4 of your height.
  • A synthetic sleeping bag rated for at least 40 degrees F is required.  OR you may use a quilt type system rated for at least 40 degrees F.
  • Although a fully synthetic bag is highly recommended recently so called "DriDown" bags have come on the market. These are OK if you think that this stuff really works.
  • A synthetic poncho liner combined with clothing is OK if you know for sure it works for you in all conditions.
  • Long underwear or other clothing may be part of your system.  Recommended are watch cap, socks, synthetic or wool long johns.
  • A small pack towel is highly recommended to dry off prior to getting into your sleep system.

The combination of items intended for this requirment must be suitable for 32 degrees F with gale force wind and rain.